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What is so unique about Australian wildlife? The Australian wildlife is probably one of the most diverse in the world as well as the most beautiful. The unique characteristics of this land mass have resulted in some of the most spectacular wildlife in the entire world. From the amazingly large creatures such as kangaroos and koalas to the beautiful butterflies and even snakes, Australia is a land with a lot to offer both to humans and nature.

Australia, officially the Commonwealth of Australia, consists of the oceanic island of Tasmania, the mainland of Australia, and a number of small islands. It is currently the seventh-most populous country in the world and the sixth-most populous city. There are an estimated around two hundred and sixty Australian animal species.

A large part of the uniqueness of Australian wildlife comes from the fact that there are no large animal populations in this country unlike Australia and other countries. However, a variety of different kinds of animals make up the flora and fauna of this land mass. This means that there are a number of unique species that occur in locations outside of what is considered to be a national park or reserve. Australian wildlife is a real delight to behold.

There are more than two hundred and twenty species of plants in this country. While this is not including the many other kinds of vegetation and the soil which support these life-giving plants and animals, it will give you a good idea of the amazing variety of plants and animals that can be found in this country. When considering animals, there are nearly two hundred different species of mammals in Australia. This includes both indigenous and exotic animals. There are even a few types of birds that occur naturally in Australia.

Wildlife sanctuaries are scattered across the land mass, giving wildlife seekers a great deal of variety. Certain areas of the land mass have become hotspots for different kinds of wildlife. For example, the Barossa Valley, which is situated near the Fleay River, is one place in Australia where tourists frequently go to see the incredible koala. In this region of Australia, you will find a wide variety of koalas and platypuses.

A number of states, such as Victoria, have made it legal to hunt wild animals. However, there are laws that govern this activity in each state. The only states that do not allow hunting are South Australia and Western Australia. Despite this, there are a number of different places where you can go to hunt for a variety of different animals. Whether you want to go on a guided trip to hunt for wildlife, take a self-guided trip, or do it on your own, it is important to know that you will be able to have an incredible experience.

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